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Proper Maintenance is Essential for the Successful Operation of Your Sump Pump.

Our Master Plumber will thoroughly examine your Sump Pump to identify any failing or failed parts. If problems are found, we will present all of the appropriate options. 

Sump Pump Maintenance Checklist: 

1) Is the system hooked up to a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to protect against power surges

2) Is the pump upright in order to function properly. 

3) Are the components intact?

4) Is the vent hole in the discharge pipe clear?

5) Is the Sump Pump draining water effectively? ( A bucket of water will be used to test it's function. )

Common Sump Pump Problems 

Insufficient Pumping 

When the sump pump appears to be working, but can't keep up with the amount of water coming in, your sump pump may have no problem aside from being insufficient for the job. This is one of the more common problems. Sump pumps can become overwhelmed by an abundance of water. They may be powerful enough to get you through most storms, but tropical storms, hurricanes and heavier rains may pose a problem. It's best to get the proper sized/powered sump pump from the beginning, but in the event that your pump is not powerful enough to take on the load, a second sump pump installation or a replacing your sump pump for a more powerful model may be appropriate. 

Clogged Intake

A clog in the intake will prevent the pump from extracting water from the sump pit. Unplug the sump pump and lift the lid to inspect the screen or small opening where the water enters the pump. You may have to lift the pump out of the pit for a better view. If there is debris, clear it and test the pump. Jersey Sump Pumps can perform this routine maintenance for you as well, and check over your system for other potential failings. 

Clogged or Frozen Discharge Line

Because your discharge pipe heads to the outdoors, it's not uncommon for roots, debris and other obstructions to get in the way. In the colder months, the discharge line is the most likely to freeze as well. Removing any obstructions at the end should solve the problem. 

Sump Pump Running Contiuously

If your Sump Pump is running non-stop, even when there isn't any water present, there are a number of possible reasons to check for. On many models, the float switch may become stuck. Alternately, the check valve, that prevents water that's been pumped out from washing back into the sump pit may be damaged. The sump liner may also be too small for the pump, causing it to fill up too quickly, or in some cases, the sump switch may not work because the sump pump is leaning. Whatever the cause, if not remedied, the Sump Pump will ultimately fail. 

How to Clean Your Sump Pit

Cleaning your sump pit is an essential step in sump pump maintenance.

To clean the sump pit, remove dirt, gravel, and other debris to increase the efficiency of the pump. Your discharge line opening should be free of obstruction so that the water can be pumped through the line and out of your basement/crawlspace.

It's important to test your sump pump regularly to be sure your home is ready for the next big rain. To test the pump, pour a bucket of water in the pit. The pump should remove the water and shut off shortly after.

You'll want to be sure the check valve and float aren't stuck. To have your sump pump tested and maintained by Jersey Plumbing Service, call us today, (908)281-7101.

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